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Enjoy Fantastic Privileges & Benefits from NTUC...

AESU members enjoy all the offers and benefits from NTUC!
  • 8% off * everything at FairPrice!
  • Earn LinkPoints at over 900 merchant outlets.
  • As low as $0.70 per day, insure yourself for S$100,000 against death, total and permanent disability and 30 critical illness with LUV from NTUC Income.
  • Enjoy Dental package for Members at Unity Denticare clinic.
  • Earn 15,420 LinkPoints a year* at My First Skool.
  • Enjoy member preferred rates with selected course by NTUC LearningHub and NextU.
  • Enjoy up to $250 unfunded course fee support under UTAP (Union Training Assistance Programme).
  • Discounted movie tickets and LinkPoints at Cathay Cineplexes!
  • Up to 50% off* published rates for Costa Sands Resort.
  • Join my golf kaki for as low as $160 p.a. to enjoy  golfing benefits such as maintenance of golf handicap, golfer insurance and more...
  • Up to 30% at over 300 dinning outlets island-wide.
  • And much more! Go to the links below for more benefits & privileges...
For full list of union members' benefits & privileges, click: http://www.ntuc.org.sg/wps/portal/up2/home/members/benefitsandprivileges

Union Insurance coverage for Members

NTUC GIFT Enhanced Payouts wef 1May15.jpg

Members' Night

Free Visa Credit Card FOREVER!

We Got You Covered!

Not something we want you to benefit from but...
  • All AESU members are insured up to S$30,000 for death, total or permanent disability from natural causes or accident (24/7 so long you are union members). Death, total or permanent disability of spouse, payment up to S$500.
  • Over the above insurance coverage, AESU also provide financial grant to our members in the event our members' spouse or parents pass-on.

Enjoy Great Saving at NTUC Foodfair Outlets

Enjoy up to 15% savings when you order any NTUC Value Meal with your NTUC Member card!

For more NTUC Foodfare Promotion: http://www.foodfare.com.sg/promotions_coupon.cfm

Taking The Exit Door!!??

Block Buster Movie Night For AESU Members

Universal Studio Offers

Refer to Universal Studio website for the latest promotions to Union Members.
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